Related imageAs I sit here with a silly grin on my face, I am so blown away by God’s great provisions. Granted, I’ve been a real work in progress. It’s taken God some little time to beat lessons into this rockhard head of mine. Stubborn, clueless, selfish,…. table for one! LOL

Yet, despite myself, God still loves me! That’s hard to believe, being the jerk I have been. for so many years! Great patience has our Father – and good thing too! Aren’t we lucky that God doesn’t love as we do?

My new mattress came in this afternoon. That thing of beauty, white, pristine…calling matress_2out, “Come, lay down upon me and you will find Nirvana!”

20160927_173138-1My muddy pawed Jackie boy heard the call and immediately answered. His death was assured, as I screamed my surprise and rage, “Get off the bed, your jerk!”. He ran –  I ran for a clean cloth to wipe away his muddy paw prints, sure my mattress was ruined.

Fortunately, the new mattress god granted mercy and the paw prints were wiped away easily. I made the bed with Jack locked out of the room and placed his blanket over the spread to ensure his muddy little footsies would no longer threaten his life or my heart and sanity. lol





Much Ado….

lost mindIt has definitely been a strange start to the new year! Thinking about my 19 year old grandson being married is still unreal. Still wet behind the ears, yet married?! Consider my mind blown…but my heart is so hopeful for this newly married couple! God’s blessings on them.

Cold, now cold and wet…and lucky me, I get to go out into it tomorrow….sigh. It beats a dirt nap.

My new bedroom set is here, but the new mattress has yet to arrive. You would not believe how delighted I am to have the exact bed I’ve wanted for years and hard to believe I paid more for the mattress than the entire bedroom! LOL New bedding too – with lots of interchangeable throw pillows…tehehe. My sanctuary is complete!

Feeling human again – picked up a stomach bug somewhere and spent 3 days trying to decide which end got the toliet first. Glad it’s over! LOL Puts pretty pictures in your head, don’t it? LOL

Loving the new computer and TV – my new mouse came in – I am so much happier using it. After nearly 30 years of using a mouse it’s hard to get use to touch pad. And now I actually stay in bed to turn off/on the TV, increase or decrease the volume, change channels, etc. It’s much better than tripping over Sookie to reach the TV….I know she’s happier! LOL




Oh Yes I Did!

toon892Because my baby 401K grew up, I’ve been able to afford things I haven’t bought in years. New shoes, new purses, new coat, new clothes. Goodwill has been my “go to” for many years – that and clothes given to me by family and of course, yard sales.

Today I bought brand new shoes, clothes, purses, and clothes…at Walmart (it was the finest of stores to me today). Nearly giddy, I danced through the store and greeted everyone with a wide smile! In wild abandon I added a new robe, good slippers, a pair of boots to replace the ones that are coming apart at the seams. My new coat came from Zully and it’s a good one.

Anyone who has dealt with real poverty will understand what a miracle it was to be able to afford more than just bare necessities. And real food! That you have to actually put on the stove to cook! Not one $1.00 frozen dinner in sight! I’ve lived off frozen dinners for so long  (except when family cooks for all of us), my system will probably go into shock. LOL And I’ll love it!

My nails have not been done in almost 10 years…but I’m seriously considering having them done this week…tehehe!

This has been better than any birthday I’ve ever had!


Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

26360-z135942270For the third day in a row, the temperature has dropped to the low teens. For southern girls like me, it’s nearly a death sentence! Wrapped like a bag lady, I’ve been out every single day…. and still have to go back to the store tomorrow. Heaven, help me!

I am writing on my brand new computer – my first new one in many years. It only took eight hours to get all the updates done – on my brand new computer,,,,sigh.

My very first flat screen TV is still in the box….have to get Comcast out to install a new box, so no point in taking out that bad boy yet. My mouth is watering,,,

My new bedroom set will delivered on the fourth along with a new mattress, which cost as much as the bedroom furniture…it had better kiss me good night and rock me to sleep.

All my bills have been paid in full!!!! Whoo Hoo!

Yes, God has blessed me with a windfall…my sweet baby 401K grew up into a big boy! He is now busily at work, taking care of mamma. Sweet thang, indeed. LOL Because of my sweet thang, I have also been able to donate to several causes I have wanted to support, but couldn’t afford…a real blessing!

At the end of 2017, I have to say it’s been a very good year. The Lord has taught me manyFB_IMG_1465866581750 valuable lessons – some harder to swallow than others,  has given me a softer heart,  a much better attitude, improved my health, and given me hope. I have my sweet furfaces (who are standing watching me – they’ve only been out 20 times today), to drive me happily crazy as they chase my birds and squirrels, a roof over my head, I am warm and safe, and I have a family I love.

Father, thank you for blessing me and so many others with so very much. We are warm, well fed, with more than we need. I ask your mercy on those who are less fortunate. The poor, the hungry, the cold, and those who are ill without family to care for them. I pray for my fellow Christians around the world who are suffering and dying for their faith. Grant them strength, courage and comfort in these dark times. Bless the missionaries who are spending their lives to spread the good news of the Gospel. Give us all the courage to spread the Gospel with boldness, as we should. Forgive me for the times I am thoughtless, selfish, and judgmental; not living as you have commanded we live. Help me to always show love and understanding for everyone I meet. Thank you for bringing me to this new year, this new start. I pray these things in JESUS Holy name, Amen.




Dating…Oh, My….

'Thanks to the Web, I finally met an eligible bachelor - eligible for parole in three years.'


Having abandoned dating for nearly 7 years, I decided to jump back in the pond. Ok, so I only dipped a toe in, but we all must start somewhere. After Indiana, I almost decided that it wasn’t worth the risk…

But, I stuck my chin out, and kept at it.

Had my first lunch with a fellow datingcartoon20today, Jeff. Nice guy, even gave him some of my delicious homemade soup to take home. Lunch was at Freddy’s and oh, the burgers were fabulous! Best I’ve had in a long time – I highly recommend the place. I was good and didn’t get that Hot Fudge Sunday…ah, temptation, thou art chocolate!

This afternoon, I am meeting Chris at Barnes & of my most favorite places in the world! Tehehe…not bad for an old broad!


Family & Friends…

Thanksgiving and Christmas are packed with food, friends and family at our home. Presents are exchanged, laughter flows, and we all eat far too much…all the while waiting for that slice of pie.

We start the celebration on Christmas Eve and continue through Christmas Day. Presents among those of us living in this house, are opened Christmas Eve morning. Friends are invited to share the feast and the good cheer on whatever day the cooking begins.

We are blessed. Fortunate to have friends to share the holiday with. My grandson is home until the 6th. My oldest grandson finally woke up (he worked the night-shift), in time for food and festivities.

Once again, I know just how blessed we are…so many less fortunate in family, friends, or financially will spend the holidays alone. And that’s just tragic.

My prayer is that God will look down as we celebrate the birth of His Son Jesus and give comfort to those who are lonely, or cold, or frightened, or hungry on Christmas. It is my hope that we will all become much more aware of just how much we have to share; not only this season, but every single day.